St. Margaret Parish

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We began working with St. Margaret’s Parish, Bel Air Maryland, in December of 2020, and continue to work with them today. In this time, we’ve supported their interest in finding better ways to implement their communication goals by guiding them to outlets such as regular email campaigns and social media (Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube), all while keeping in mind their parish’s main goals of communicating with parishioners and keeping them engaged as we began a “post-covid” return from virtual to the pews and in-person community events.

Client Type

Catholic Church

Project Type

Communications Strategy & Management


Parishioner Engagement & Effective Communications


  • Website Updates & Management
  • Weekly Email Campigns
  • Social Media Strategy

Project Focus

Our work always focuses on our foundational cycle of strategy, content, communications, and analysis.  Yet each project requires a different balance of needs.

So far at St. Margaret, our time has focused on:

        • Website Management
        • Email Campaigns
        • Social Media
        • Strategic Planning
        • Video & Graphic Projects
        • Results Reporting
  • Strategy Strategic Planning | 11% Strategic Planning | 11%
  • Content Website Management | 36% Website Management | 36%
  • Content Video & Graphic Projects | 10% Video & Graphic Projects | 10%
  • Communications Social Media | 14% Social Media | 14%
  • Communications Email Campaigns | 24% Email Campaigns | 24%
  • Analysis Results & Reports | 5% Results & Reports | 5%

What they Say

St. Margaret Parish has been working with Kindling Strategic since December of 2020.  Chrissy and her company have been a true asset to us here at St. Margaret.  Her knowledge of website design has totally enhanced our St. Margaret website 100 percent!  Her thoughts, suggestions of new design programs we can use, and allowing us to work very closely with her to meet our specific parish needs has been wonderful and such a blessing.  The fact that she knows how the Catholic church works is so extremely helpful when explaining what it is we need because she already knows and realizes the importance of something being done a certain way. 

Kindling Strategic is the best decision that we have made to keep St. Margaret up with the demands of the world today and keeping our parishioners and the community  aware of what goes on in our parish.  Our hats off to Chrissy Kelleher for making her company the best for any parish!

Msg. Kevin Schenning, Pastor – St. Margaret Parish

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