Minor Decliner

Minor Decliner

Minor Decliner, an age verification technology company, wanted to establish its brand and products as a key player in the convenience store, alcohol/tobacco, and casino industries. We’ve supported them in this endeavor by developing content across marketing platforms to convey a clear message and build strong relationships with industry associations and partners.

Client Type

b2b Products

Project Type

Branding & Marketing Strategy 


Elevated Branded Content & Industry Campaigns


  • Written Case Studies
  • Email Campaign Set-up
  • Conference Planning
  • Target Audience Strategy

Project Focus

Our work always focuses on our foundational cycle of strategy, content, communications, and analysis.  Yet each project requires a different balance of needs.

So far at Minor Decliner, our time has focused on:

        • Website Management
        • Email Campaigns
        • Social Media
        • Strategic Planning
        • Video & Graphic Projects
        • Results Reporting
  • Strategy Industry Research & Strategy | 26% Industry Research & Strategy | 26%
  • Content White Papers, Printed Materials | 33% White Papers, Printed Materials | 33%
  • Content Website Blogs & Pages | 19% Website Blogs & Pages | 19%
  • Communications PR, Award, Email, & Direct Mail Campaigns | 18% PR, Award, Email, & Direct Mail Campaigns | 18%
  • Analysis Website & Campaign Reports | 4% Website & Campaign Reports | 4%

What they Say

Minor Decliner was established in 2016 and we started working with Kindling in early 2021.  My marketing efforts prior to working with Kindling were very tactical and related to website development and pay per click advertising. They were very transactional in nature and to be truthful not very effective.

I’ve worked with Kindling now for almost two years, and over that time we have made tremendous progress in developing and refining our brand message, developing collateral materials and both strategic and tactical support for marketing efforts.  As we stand today, we have a solid foundation for developing the brand and maturing the company’s strategic marketing and are well positioned for growth due to those important marketing strategic marketing foundations.

These foundations include content messaging style and collateral materials that range from the website, printed materials, product catalogs, white papers, sales inserts and reach into business automation including e-mail tracking, e-mail campaigns, and automatic enrollment with mailing lists from the website. This also includes development of all marketing materials for trade shows including booth design and materials for those booths. In short, Chrissy provided critical hands-on and leadership and were my go-to for all my marketing efforts over the last almost two years.

Additionally, Kindling has developed and submitted nomination packages for several industry awards and as a result of the quality and content of these packages minor decliner has received several industry awards and notoriety, resulting in better brand and name recognition.

The impact of our involvement with Chrissy cannot be overstated. Due to this fantastic collaborative association Minor Decliner is now presented much more professionally in the marketplace and is positioned for significant growth and industry recognition due to the foundation building and material support given by Kindling.

Sales and marketing are not directly tied together, but successful marketing efforts often help drive the sales engine. This has been the case with Minor Decliner. I believe due to our association with Kindling our sales have doubled in a year while also providing the foundation for future growth.

As I think about our marketing efforts today and where we are as a company, we’ve really grown from a product company into a solutions company. As we think about the future I think we are well positioned to grow on the foundations we have laid with strategic objectives in mind for the trajectory of the company.

I’ve been very pleased with Chrissy and the KS team, and the support resources they have provided. I highly recommend KS for companies in any stage of their growth and marketing cycle to get sound advice and development for strategic marketing plans and an execution of that plan in order for them to help achieve their growth or marketing objectives.

Ron Tobb
Founder, Minor Decliner

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