Fuels Institute 

Fuels Institute

The Fuels Institute, a research-based trade association focused on the energy that powers vehicles, needed support as they transitioned from one professional managing their marketing to another. We helped them to understand their current marketing position, clarify their strategy and target audience, analyze their current brand and online presence, and determine the structures needed in place to move forward and hire the next right person to run the association’s communications.

Client Type

Trade Association

Project Type

Marketing Strategy


Brand & Campaign Strategy


  • Strategic Review
  • Campaign Schedules
  • Define Target Audience
  • Project Mngmt Process

Project Focus

Our work always focuses on our foundational cycle of strategy, content, communications, and analysis.  Yet each project requires a different balance of needs.

So far at Fuels Institute, our time has focused on:

        • Industry Research
        • Market Reports
        • Collaboration 
  • Strategy Research & Deliverables | 68% Research & Deliverables | 68%
  • Strategy Working Meetings | 32% Working Meetings | 32%

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