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Below is an overview of what is included within our marketing packages.  However, we realize that every marketing need is unique, so please reach out to discuss your current challenges and goals and we’ll discuss a plan that is right for your growth!

fractional cmo, Baltimore
marketing firm, baltimore


marketing firm, Baltimore


marketing firm, Baltimore



Small businesses

b2b Professional Services: you have a niche target audience and a successful business built on reputation and word of mouth. But now you’re ready for the next level of growth.

If you feel stuck on how to start marketing, Kindling’s proven processes can get you to the next level of sustainable growth!

marketing firm, Baltimore
Strategy Consultation

If you’re ready for a fresh perspective or more purpose-driven marketing, it could be time for a deep-dive marketing strategy re-think:


  • 2-4 month project length
  • Strategic research on needed areas such as target audiences, marketing processes, previous marketing tactics, and company goals
  • Messaging, branding, and campaign results reviews
  • Consultation on strategy, content, campaigns, and reporting
  • Expect every other week 2-hour working strategy meetings to review tactics, feedback, analytics, and continuing moves
  • At the end of our time together, you will walk away with a strong strategic plan that you feel ready and equipped to implement in addition to any other determined deliverables
Ongoing Content & Campaigns

This option is for those who would like Kindling to operate as your Fractional CMO or outsourced marketing department. This is a customized plan based on your goals and the content and campaign creation that your organization needs.

  • Management of weekly or monthly projects such as regular email campaigns and website updates
  • One new monthly lead generation project, such as a new video, paper or article, or graphic design project
  • Communications campaign strategy to distribute the created content via social media, PR, emails, and other channels
  • Monthly analytics reviews and strategy adjustments
  • Expect one or two working meetings each month
  • Between 20-30 hours of work each month, billed hourly
  • Annual Contract  (can begin with a 3 month trial)



Parish Leaders: Communications is key to a healthy growing parish. And today’s communication is more complex than announcements from the pulpit and a printed bulletin! 

Gain confidence and control over your digital and traditional communications to increase parishioner engagement, new family registrations, and enhancing the faith journey of your community.

It’s time to bring in assistance for communications and increasing engagement with your parishioners!

marketing firm, Baltimore
Communications Consulting

Are you struggling with how to structure your communications plan so that your current staff is able to seamlessly manage it throughout the year?  We would be honored to work with your staff to analyze what’s working, what’s not, and how to move forward effectively.


  •  2-6 month consulting length
  • Monthly two hour-long working strategy meetings
  • Review and analysis of parish culture and relevant communications adjustments
  • Set up and create plans for your online social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Email campaign templates, strategy, and process streamlining
  • Website traffic and email results reports set-up
  • Communications strategy for bulletins + verbal announcements + website updates + emails
  • Review of communications and goals for Faith Formation programs, outreach and ministries, and youth programs for increased enrollment and engagement
Communications Management

Your office manager and program staff have a lot of responsibilities already, let us help you manage the parish communications!  This is a customized plan based on your needs and parish goals and activities.


  • Management of regular and seasonal communications such as email campaigns and website updates
  • One new project each quarter, such as a new program communications plans, visitor/registration campaigns, new parishioner automated email campaigns, video projects, etc.
  • Set up of resources, tools, and processes to simplify and automate cross-team projects
  • Monthly analytics reviews and strategy adjustments
  • Expect one or two working meetings each month
  • Between 15-25 hours of work each month, billed hourly
  • Annual Contract  (can begin with a 3 month trial)


As you’re getting your business started up, there’s SO much to think about.  Branding, your online presence, a marketing strategy, initial business goals, targeting clients, and so much more. 

Together we’ll build your brand in managed phases, to give you the momentum you’ve been ready for, followed by space to think through the processes, business goals, and branding decisions we’re making.  Moving through our structured process will provide you the tools and messaging needed, as well as the natural ebb and flow from marketing strategy to focusing on client work.

marketing firm, Baltimore
Brand, Identity, & Messaging [phase 1]

As you define your business dreams, we are here to be your guide!  We’ll begin with clarity on your messaging, brand, and marketing goals.  This clarity is the needed foundation to build upon for your website, marketing content, and sales funnels.

This phase may take 1-3 months, depending on how far along you may be in this process already.


  • Intake Assessment & Strategy Kick-Off Session
  • Marketing and Business Goals
  • Target Audience Definition
  • StoryBrand One-Liner ( your purpose statement, or elevator pitch)
  • Brand Map + StoryBrand BrandScript + Messaging Guide (all your brand decisions in one clear marketing workbook!)
Website Design & Launch [phase 2]

Now that we’ve invested the time to ensure we are confident with your values, messaging, and goals, we’re ready to create your website!  While this phase seems simple at first, it then typically gets a bit overwhelming for a moment – our goal is to guide you through our process as seamlessly as possible.

This is a huge step to creating your public presence; we’re often told that our clients feel they’ve reached a milestone of “becoming offical” in an unexpected and satisfying way!


  • Layout & Prep: Homepage wireframe (layout), menu navigation (what pages will be on your site), page content drafts (writing the words), photography and imagery searches
  • Development: Theme development (the look and feel of your site, based on your Brand Map), designing up to 10 pages, refine content and imagery, updates & reviews
  • Launch: Finalize the details and set the website live!
  • Google-Ready: Metadata & SEO clean-up, submit to Google, Google Analytics set up
Marketing Funnels [phase 3]

You may have taken a pause after the website launch to reset and determine your referral and client processes before feeling ready to do marketing and business development. 

Now you’re excited to build your growth strategy and create marketing content and campaigns that reach your new audience of clients!


  • Revisit the Marketing Strategy and Goals
  • 3 Lead Generators (white paper, article, PR, video, etc.)
  • Automated Email Sales Sequence
  • Social Media Strategy & Templates
  • Other deliverables depending on your strategy and timeline!

Add-On Services


outsourced communications for parishes

Social Media

  • Determine the right social platforms & unique strategies for each
  • Optimize your social profiles
  • Create post templates and posting plans
  • Monthly analysis dashboards

Website Development

Establish your online brand!  If you need a complete re-do of a current site, or you’re ready to create your first site, we’re ready to create a clear, branded website to speak to your target audience and grow sales.

Website Maintenance

  • Monthly backups
  • Monthly plugin checks & updates
  • Tweaks, edits, & content updates
  • Design & theme updates
  • Ensure it’s always working as it should!
outsourced communications for parishes

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