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Churches are at their best when they’re home to a robust, active community of parishioners who are dedicated to supporting the parish, engaging with the community, and sharing the message of Jesus.

However, in an era where time and attention are at a premium, it can be difficult to break through the noise and truly connect with people.


Church Communications Services

Strategic Communication

How does one communicate with not just the present church community, but also new people looking for a church home?

What are the best ways to get a church community to fully engage with communication, as opposed to simply reading it and moving on?

Which modes of communication are ideal for spreading a church’s message?

These can all seem like daunting questions, but with the right guidance, any church can figure out what they need to take their parish from quiet and struggling to its best, most vibrant form.

Let us be your guide

We at Kindling Strategic would like to be that guide.

With our ample experience in marketing, as well as personal experience within the Catholic church as both a lifelong member and active volunteer, we can help your church to determine what exactly you need to better engage and communicate with your church community, and provide you with the tools to improve that communication and connection and watch as your church grows in parishioners, engagement and, yes, donations.

Simply schedule a meeting for an initial conversation, and determine if moving forward is the right fit for your organization.  In working together, we will determine the best communication strategy for your parish and then we’ll then provide you with the tools and support needed to take your church from stagnant to thriving.

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