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Kindling Strategic is a marketing firm focused on providing organizations the marketing resources they need for growth. We work with small businesses, associations, entrepreneurs, and Catholic churches, to build and implement strategic communications plans.

We believe that it’s important to pay attention to the details and make intentional and focused plans to meet your goals. We’re purposeful with data and technology and utilize a mix of traditional and digital marketing strategies to implement campaigns that will grow your business or parish with consistent and ever-increasing results.

Marketing Built with Purpose ™

Our approach to marketing is similar to that of building a fire: 
If you begin with a focus on the foundation, the smallest aspects of the kindling, and then spend the right amount of time strategically layering and arranging the content and campaigns, it won’t be long before you are enjoying a roaring and thriving business!

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Chrissy Kelleher

StoryBrand Certified Guide - Maryland

Principal & Project Manager

Chrissy Kelleher is the founder, principal consultant, and project manager of Kindling Strategic. She spent 10+ years in business-to-business marketing, working with great organizations through both in-house and agency roles. In the beginning of her career, she developed a passion for b2b service-based organizations and the many unique and intriguing intricacies of niche industries.  Her experience comes from a blend of managing marketing departments, projects and campaigns; business development; non-profit boards; and being in both the driver and passenger seats of multiple small business operations.

She has always had a focus on strategic marketing working for other organizations, so in 2016, when her first of two sons were born, Chrissy began consulting and providing contract marketing work.

Starting in 2020, she formed Kindling Strategic and began building the core team to provide small businesses with the marketing strategy and resources they need to thrive and grow their own organizations.

  • \Masters in Business Management (MBA), Loyola University Maryland
  • \Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing, University of Pittsburgh
  • \Undergraduate Minor in Religious Studies, University of Pittsburgh
  • \Certification in Catholic Social Doctrine, The Catholic University of America
  • \Certified StoryBrand Marketing Guide, Donald Miller's StoryBrand Framework

Our creatives

At Kindling, the marketing strategy and project management may be provided by our principal, Chrissy.  But the engaging visual communications pieces that are accomplished are created by our amazing team of creatives.

Within our curated team of talented individuals, we have members who provide:

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers provide the visual content you need for marketing campaigns or within your website.

Their specializations include infographics, direct mail designs, custom graphics and illustrations, photo retouching… and whatever else you can imagine! 


Copy Writing

If you need content to be written for your website, email campaigns, industry papers, or other messaging, our copywriters can start writing from scratch or edit the work that you’ve begun.

They can step into whatever part of the process makes the most sense for your needs. 

Website Development

Typically a website is one of the key components of your online brand that we’ll evaluate and refine through our work together.

Our developers assist with editing your current site, expanding it to capture all that you have to share or providing a more robust overhaul or even redesign.  

At Kindling, we focus primarily on WordPress, but we’re open to working with other platforms that may already be in use. 

Video Editing

Video is another key method for reaching your potential customers.  

Utilizing video on LinkedIn, YouTube, within email campaigns, and directly on your website is not only watched, but sometimes expected.  

Our talented video editors create motion graphic intros/ outros to brand your video series, edit interview pieces, and add music, subtitles, or any animations you want to include in your projects! 

Kindling Strategic

Marketing built with purpose

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